Videos showing Topaz 3D in action

[ nb. If you have trouble watching the videos, you may need to install the XviD decompressor, free download here. ]

Draw a four-slat bench with Topaz 3D...

[download 23Mb]

A demonstration of Topaz 3D's powerful drag-and-drop editing abilities. Build scenes quickly by dragging files together and dropping them into place.

[download 10Mb]

Create (and solve!) a jigsaw puzzle in 3D using the "Cut with curve" function. This video shows how accurately you can position things with Topaz 3D.

[download 29Mb]

The craziest teapot you ever saw! A demonstration of joints and particle systems.

[download 22Mb]

Topaz makes it very easy to add models to Google Earth - let's add a few benches to the garden downstairs...

[download 7Mb]